Chaotic Rapier from Best Melee Weapon Runescape

Chaotic Rapier 1 100x100

Another Dungeoneering reward of Chaotic weaponry, the rapier is often considered one of the RuneScape best weapons. It requires you to have at least level 80 of Dungeoneering and the same goes for the Attack rating. You would need 200,000 tokens, which should not be a big problem once you complete the Sagas and redo them a couple of times.

This tier 80 main-hand weapon possesses 1924 Accuracy and 980 Damage, which is a reason enough to play around with the Sagas to purchase it as a reward. You can freely use it for at least 5 hours of combat with its 30,000 charges and once it breaks, you should visit Daemonheim rewards trader. Maximum repair cost would be 2,000,000 coins if you happen to use your rapier until it gets to 0% of charge.

Rapier represents the stabbing weapon style of the chaotic line. Other chaotic items would be slashing longsword and crushing mace. Therefore one must choose the fighting style to employ and can either purchase an off-hand rapier to perform as a dual-wielder or use a shield with only one rapier. This item might prove useful against Kalphite King, as he is weak to the stabbing, while the slashing does standard damage to that guy. This makes Chaotic rapier a perfect weapon choice when going for that big boss and looking for a better weapon, such as the drygore line.

What do you think about this main-hand beauty? Will it be your first choice when you reach the required Dungeoneering or you’d fancy something else with a different combat style? Let us know in the comment section dedicated specifically to this item!


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