Drygore Longsword from Best Melee Weapon Runescape

Drygore Longsword 1 100x100

One of the six RuneScape melee weapons that Kalphite King drops, Drygore longsword is a slashing style weapon with strength and accuracy equal to the rapier of the same set. Stylish look with spikes around the blade make the longsword one of the go-to picks for players that try to look stylish and yet hit the opponents hard.

Not any player can use this killing instrument, as it would require 90 Attack to be able to swing it at the enemies’ faces. Out of Daemonheim, this longsword is the most powerful in the game. You can freely use it for at least 5 hours of combat, as it has 60 thousand charges, though consuming 2 per one hit. When it eventually does decline and you decide to repair it, it will cost you 10,000 chitin scraps, or about 1 million coins if you buy scraps on the Grand Exchange.

Drygore longsword will not stack in your inventory, but is fully stackable in bank. You can disassemble the weapon if you so desire and such action will reward you with 27 xp and some components and parts, depending on the holy random. If you don’t want to risk your character’s health in a fight with Kalphite King, you can get the sword on the market, but that would cost you nearly 20 million coins. You can try your analytical skills, wait for the price drop and get the weapon 2-3 millions cheaper than usual.

What do you think about Drygore longsword? Is it worth the price and effort to get? Which is your favorite setup using this weapon? Let everybody know in the comments!


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