Primal Longsword from Best Melee Weapon Runescape

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Featuring on many players’ RuneScape best weapons list, Chaotic maul is a crushing item, attainable by purchasing for Dungeoneering tokens. Released on April 12th, 2010, it used to cost 400,000 tokens right until the update of April 21st, which cut the price by half, making it easier to get for a larger mass of players. Due to its look and stats, Chaotic maul appears to be the right choice who want to wreak havoc in the RuneScape world.

Talking about stats, the maul possesses a sweet rating of 1788 in damage and 1924 in accuracy. It would require the player to have at least 80 points in Attack to be able to wield the maul, and the same amount of Dungeoneering points to purchase it as a reward. You have probably noticed that it differs from other Daemonheim mauls and requires Attack, not Strength to use the thing. This weapon is non-alchemisable and if you happen to die using it, the maul will convert to 100,000 coins and that hefty purse will be dropped.

It is reclaimable on death with a value of 20,000,001 and can be reclaimed for 170,500 coins. 30,000 charges guarantee at least 5 hours of bone-crushing experience for your enemies and it does not have any damage reduction neither in PvM or PvP. 24 experience will be dispatched to you along with heavy and strong components, if you're lucky and 2.3% chance of junk. Note, that Chaotic maul will stack in the bank only if all of the weapons have the same charge.

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