Best Morrowind mods

TES III: Morrowind is a very old game yet still lives on and feels healthy, mainly because of the community of loyal fans and modders. Morrowind mods can make the game a hundred times better and even make it look like it was released only a decade ago. Tons of armor sets, additional lore quests, new locations and even HD textures overhaul. Some of the best Morrowind mods are gathered here for you to look at them and choose the most prominent in your opinion. Leave a comment and describe your experience with the mods you’ve managed to play so far!


The Doors of Oblivion By Ashstaar aka Dun-Ra

Morrowind's best mods allow us to see striking places and complete some quests while we're at it. Ashtaar manages to bring the future to the past by enabling us to walk through Oblivion in Morrowind! Additional quests are present along with some very peculiar rewards to entice players.


Sky Diversity By Svengineer99

One of the best mods for Morrowind in terms of visuals and how the outside world looks, particularly the sky. We will finally see the generic skybox change and adapt to the environment. Beautiful stars, plenty of colors and phenomena to make your nights in Morrowind feel like a prime fairytale experience.

MacKom's Khajiit By MacKom

Where i can dowload it now?


Kilcunda's Balmora By Kilcunda

Kilcunda makes things simple, beautiful and lore-friendly thus earning itself a place among the top Morrowind mods. Vanilla Balmora is dull, small and almost lifeless but this mod naturally expands it using the existing layout. This makes Balmora blossome with a new colors and finally gives us the feeling of how important the city is in the grand scheme of things.

A Bard's Life By Danae
Scamp and Soulgem Replacer By PeterBitt and Pherim
The Symphony By HedgeHog12 and the Symphony Team
Normal Mapped Texture Replacers By Lysol and Flash3113

Full Dwemer Retexture By Tyddy

Most likely the king of all Morrowind mods that retexture assets. The author has managed to take already existing dwemer models and make them look great. Armor, faces, genera models, literally the whole race including themed equipment has been reworked to please true TES fans.


The Lamp By MauiEyes

This mod leaves the graphics and equipment improvements for other community projects and tackles one of the hardest challenges - fresh quests within the game. The Lamp offers a unique experience even for the most hardcore players by establishing deep lore and a believable story.