Fallout 4 Best Sniper Rifle Mods

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Like any other action RPG game, Fallout 4 wants players to develop their own story of success using their unique strategy and fighting style. The gear and weapons, in particular, make a choice more complex and adaptable to your personal needs. Weapon types vary greatly in Fallout 4. Sniper rifle allows to damage strong opponents before they even see you and this is crucial for so many fights in the game. Vanilla set of items might be not enough for the players and that’s where mods come in. Custom builds, advanced bonuses and so much more. Choose your best Fallout 4 sniper rifle mod right here, right now.


Spetsnaz Rifle

The community often names it as the best sniper rifle, mainly because of the way it looks. The model is based on real-life rifles used by special ops: the VSS Vintorez and AS Val. The design resembles them greatly. It is a suppressed rifle and it deals tons of damage.



Some call it the best sniper rifle Fallout 4 modding community can offer. It is not just some pre-built toy, but an entirely functioning weapon with many customization options to consider. Scopes, silenced muzzles and much more. Modders have managed to add a custom sound for the rifle as well!



The best sniper rifle Fallout 4 creators decided not to include in the base game. This mod revives the iconic sniper rifle featured in the prior games of the series. Iconic look, color pattern and fully custom animations make this mod a must-have for any Fallout series fan.


PTRS-41 - Sniper Rifle Mods

While most Fallout 4 sniper rifles focus mainly on shooting the heads off of raiders, the PTRS-41 adds even more flavor to the process as it is actually an anti-tank sniper rifle! It has a custom design, custom stats, and its 14.5mm explosive rounds will make one hell of a mess.



Another formidable contender to win the best Fallout 4 sniper rifle award. It is an in-game replica of a real-life US MK14 EBR designated marksman rifle with a NATO cartridge. ODA, Navy Seals, Delta Force and other cool guys use it on a regular basis. And now so can you.