Best Empire Total War Mods

Empire has received a fair amount of critique, especially after successful Medieval 2. It focuses on the 18th-century warfare and many did not like the way the CA have implemented optimization and mechanics in Empire Total War. Mods, however, started to fix the situation, adding better depth, lore, enhancing graphics and even adding campaigns set in different time periods. Best Empire Total War mods are gathered here for you to judge them and vote for the best of the pack in your opinion. Now, what do you fancy - more units, better mechanics or grand strategy map overhaul?


War Of 1812 Mod

This Empire Total War mod focuses on a seldom explored historical period. The Second war of independence is the highlight now, and you can take Canada to glory by freeing them from the powerful overlord. Or choose another side and try to pin the rebels down by force.

Mod Sturm und Drang 2 Brazil Units



Additional Units Mod - Empire (AUM-EMP)

Best Empire Total War mods will always include custom unit models, and this is no different. AUM-EMP contains almost a hundred of new units, dozens of naval war machines, 4 Field Marshals and more than 60 Ornamentum units. Ready to fight for the colonies in the New World with your new soldiers, m'lord?

Imperial Splendour

Colonialism 1600 AD

It is rare for Total War Empire mods to offer experiences such as this one. It transports the player back in time, to the 17th century. The mod gives access to new pike formations, new global borders, historically accurate soldier models, religions, and alliances. We can dive straight into the adventure or establish an alternative history of a new colonial empire.


HiFiMasteR Sound Mod Final + Fife and Drums

Best Empire Total War mods always have something to do with the sound and music. The author of this modification offers us a brand new experience with an overhaul of the playlist, using rousing orchestral music and instrumentation (piano, violins, etc.) The sounds of rifles, cannons and battles in general is improved as well.


Regiments of American Revolution [RoAR]

One of the best Empire Total War mods for those who love immersion and authenticity of history. This mod includes the uniforms and the weaponry of soldiers who fought for American Independence during the 1775-1783 period. Gear and uniforms changed over time in real life, and the mod reflects that as well. Neat.

French & Indian War Immersion
Hetmanat: Total War
Ottoman Total Overhaul Mod