Reptile from Best Mortal Kombat Characters

Reptile 1 100x100

An exchange of different color palette was the original Mortal Kombat, hidden by a formidable wrestler reptiles Mortal Kombat II character and is still one of the most popular characters of the franchise. Reptiles are displayed in the color green in a Ninja/Scorpion is form, but in reality the giant lizard eats heads. He can also spit acid and you know, like lizards. The special premium in respect of the fight against the game and has an absurd story about how his last race was thousands of years, the first ever hidden characters in an old and one of the biggest losers in franquiciasiempre its complete before finding its way, or excited or anything close, and then in prison for genocide or killed by God. When you use a human Ninja seems Scorpion, until they are exposed to reveal scary lizard low.


Good character

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