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The great original title, and one of the best Rayman games according to many fans. First appearing in 1995 at DOS and Atari Jaguar, it was ported to PlayStation and Sega later. We meet Rayman, his abilities and complete the mission by freeing Electoons and then defeating Mr. Dark in his hiding place.


My name is Valt Aoi and my beyblade is Victory Valkyrie Boost Variable! Rayman Revolution is my favorite game!

Well, I got SO interested in him that I unpredictibally couldn't stop. \:-§

he's also in smash4 as a trophy so on august on the direct he is playable.

Not playable... but if we vote for him on the new ballot he might be!

rayman a man...wait...a vegtable no no no a thingamajig composed entierly of the moonbeams (though it would make more sense to have sun beams) of the second summer soltice (ever? when is this "second summer solctice")

I made a fanfiction of a upsidown world with his fanfictional brother, Tod.... Rayman and Tod were made of sunbeams by the angilic roosters, who where disturbed by the evil nymph council.... And fyi, Rayman goes evil and joins The Nightmare Dreamer, Pokolus.... ((I'm not an idiot, i know The Bubble Dreamer's name is Polokus XD)) Who has a red mosquito stunge appreantince..... On the lighter side, Sir Light, ((Aka the creator)) Tod, Radortay udeday, ((long lived friends.... Btw, Radortay escaped from darkness)) Did i mention the terribley made DarkTod? Annnnnnnnnnnnyways..... Rayman was 12 in Origins? I that he was 10 XD

Fixed some info including some details.Happy to be here finally! Rayman's my favorite character ever,so I'll provide any help I can.

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