Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo (Street Fighter 2) from Best Sega Genesis Games

Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo (Street Fighter 2) 1 100x100

Finally, no longer envious of the Super Nintendo squint: Mega-Drive disciples were delighted thief, as they came after more than a year of waiting not only to the enjoyment of the Capcom cult springer, but also an advanced variant in the shop shelves. The so-called "Special Championship Edition" added two equal fighters in the Vs mode and dubbed the top turret with a turbo mode for increased combat speed. The joy did not last long, because music and sound effects sound creepy even for mega drive conditions. In addition, the competition was almost simultaneously at the same time a version called Street Fighter 2: Turbo, which graphically and acoustically better. Curiosity: If you did not have any of the optional six-button joypads, you had to switch between kicking and fist bumping on the standard controller. Very complicated.


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