Top Scotch Whiskies

If you're looking for a drink that is sophisticated and fierce, traditional and luxurious at the same time, indubitably, the right choice is Scotch whiskey, and if you’re looking for the best ones, read our list of top Scotch Whiskies and make your choice. Scotland is the world's best known producer of whiskies, which produces about 200 different types of whiskey or "water of life" as it is called by Scotland’s inhabitants. There are two types of Scotch whiskies: a Single Malt – the clean one, not mixed with other ingredients and made in only one distillery, Blends- the ones that are mixtures of different malts, from more distilleries. Some whiskies are drank in the evening, or at the end of the day before going to bed, the others as an aperitif. Selecting the best 10 was a very difficult task, but we hope we succeed.


Lagavulin 16 Year Old Single Malt

This is a very sophisticated old Single Malt which originates from the island of Islay. This deep gold whiskey has a very strong peat-smoke aroma,and a slightly sweet taste. It is a perfect evening drink, well combined with a cigar.


The Bailie Nicol Jarvie (Blended)

This Blend, produced in Glenmorangie plc. in Scotland, is comprised of 40% of grain whisky, and 60% of single malt. The malts are carefully selected in order to match each other and form a complex flavour and aroma. Its taste is full honeyed with a bit of citrus and a smokey finish. Its aroma is a blend of vanilla, nuts and pears.


The Glenrothes 1985

According to many whiskey lovers, this Single Malt whiskey, produced in the Speyside a town in Rothes, is one of the best whiskies they have ever tasted. Its spicy-dark chocolate-honey smell, and its medium sweet fruity-vanilla-nut taste are packed together in an attractive old-fashioned bottle.


Johnnie Walker Black Label 12 Year Old

A symbol of luxury and sophistication, this prizewinner is one of the best-selling products of its kind. It is an easy-going, smooth drink, of light gold colour, tasting of caramel-fruity-oak smoke, and with the aroma of vanilla and oak with a bit of smoke.


Glenfiddich Single Malt 12/18 Year Old

Glenfiddich distillery is a long-time family business, and it is the only destillery in Scotland to use natural spring water as a single source. Its 12 Tear Old whiskey is one of the favourites among whiskey-lovers and it is a fresh, aromatic liquor with a taste of pear and a note of oak. The 18 Year Old Single Malt is a smooth and long-lasting mixture of apple, cinnamon and oak.


Chivas Regal 12 Year Old (Blended)

This brand’s residence is Strathisla Distillery at Keith in Scotland. It is one of the best-selling brands in the world. 'Scotland's Prince of Whiskies' is triple-blended from whiskies that matured not less than 12 years. What it has to offer to your palate is a smooth, full, creamy taste of huzellnuts, vanilla and apricots with a rich finish. As for your nose it is a well-balanced light mixture of herbs and orchard fruits. Serve it with ice or in a simple cocktail.


Clynelish 14 Year Old

This brown-yellow beauty comes from the town of Brora, located at the north-eastern coast of Scotland. The gentle scent is a combination of salty, fruity and floral and a bit smokey. The tastes match the aroma with smoke as a dominant flavour in the end. The best way to serve it is in the tulip-shaped glass without ice.


Auchentoshan 18 Year Old Single Malt

This strong-character drink comes from the Lowland region. It is a pale gold liquor with a well-balanced, fresh, sweet and flowery flavor and the fragrance of tobacco, green tea and almonds. A perfect time for consuming it is before dinner.


Old Pulteney 12 Year Old

Old Pulteney originates from the far north of Scotland-a town named Wick.This winner of numerous awards is one of the best quality whiskies , and a true embodiment of tradition and the art of whiskey-making.It is coloured in deep-amber with a note of pink.It smells of seaweed with the addition of flowery notes, while on the palate it presents as a very complex combination of citrus, honey and vanilla.


Highland Park 15 Year Old

A 15-year-old whiskey produced in the Highland Park distillery of the Orkney islands. This aromatic Single Malt of clear golden colour, with a rich, slightly sweet taste and the smell of camphor, peat and citrus fruits and flowers will easily slide down your throat, and definitely make you ask for more.