Top Toughest Viking Warriors

The Viking warriors were dangerous enemies in their times. From England to the rest of Europe, there was not a single adversary who was spared the wrath of the Vikings, once they had decided on their prey. Perhaps, it was their highly unorthodox way of fighting or maybe it was their ruthlessness that made them stand out. Either way, the Viking name was known and feared throughout the entire continent. The Viking sons were brought up with the idea that someday, they too would take up their father’s mantle to go on to raid regions and further expeditions. Famous Vikings include Eric the Red, his daughter Freydis Eriksdottir, Harald Hardrada, Egil Skallagrimsson and many more whose names are now included in the history books. The list provided below consists of the names of the top toughest Viking warriors of all time. Check out this list to find out how many names you can recognize from all those school lessons!


Egil Skallagrimsson

Norse heroes were known for their heroic raids; the pillaging and the plundering; the bloody massacres and the countless body counts that always followed. Egil was all that and a poet. Surprisingly, both his careers took off well and ended with huge successes as well.

He murdered at 7 and wrote is first poem at three. He died after killing his slave, who helped him hide money


Bjorn Ironside

You are not a Norse warrior if you have not led at least one or two raids, but this one had spent almost his entire life in raids. From Spain, France, Italy, Sicily to even North Africa, Bjorn Ironside and his fleet left their mark.


Ragnar Lodbrok

Famous Vikings live forever in the minds of the generations of the future. Indeed, the tales of Ragnar’s bravery and heroism are still prominently featured in films and literature. He is mostly known for his countless raids against Francia and the Anglo-Saxon England during the 9th century.


Ivar the Boneless

Viking last names have a way of telling one a lot about the warrior itself. It is widely agreed upon that Ivar was called ‘the Boneless’ as he was born with a medical deformity that caused his bones to break too easily.


Freydis Eriksdottir

Of all the Viking names in this list, this one is perhaps the most unique. Daughter of Erik the Red, Freydis’s journey from a princess to a warrior was not an easy one. In addition to being an explorer, she also led the way for the fourth Viking expedition to Vinland.


Erik the Red

Most Viking warriors in this list had an aspiration to be kings or leaders of established nations. Eric the Red had different plans. After being exiled from most regions due to his killing sprees, he settled in Greenland and became the founder of two settlements, so he could continue his deeds in peace.


Gunnar Hamundarson

A fight with this Nordic warrior meant defending oneself from both his fists and his sword. This and the fact that he had archery skills made Hamundarson a dangerous adversary on the battlefield. However, it is perhaps his loyalty for his nation that gained him such admiration from his people.


Harald Hardrada

The English interpretation of the name ‘Hadrada’ is a hard ruler, which is precisely how Harald ran Norway for the entirety of his reign, that is until the King of England died, and Harald rushed forward to claim the throne, only to be killed in action.


Sweyn Forkbeard

After seizing his father’s throne and driving the former king into exile, Sweyn made himself the king of Denmark. His biggest accomplishment was becoming the first Danish King of England, as a result of his repeating attacks and raids on the country, though he died shortly afterwards.


Eric Bloodaxe

The nickname is a reference to his numerous raids of Scotland and the victories that followed these raids, establishing him as the ultimate Viking warrior: huge, hairy and heroic. The first son of King Harald Finehair, Eric Bloodaxe is widely considered as the last independent Viking king of Northumbria.