Unique Wedding Ideas

Thousands of couples say “YES” every day. The number of those who choose unusual ways to get married rather than traditional increases rapidly. Fresh ideas seem to occur constantly and in an unlimited number. If you want your wedding to be original, crazy and unforgettable, check out our list of unique wedding ideas . You might find some inspiration for your own “big day”.


Underwater Wedding

Underwater weddings have become extremely popular recently. If you are not afraid to get wet this is truly a unique way to exchange vows. Certain rules must be respected. All the participants must have scuba diving certificates. The wedding takes place only if the weather conditions are perfect. All the participants are given special masks which enable mutual communication and maximum comfort. Duration of the ceremony is about 20 minutes, and during this period all the usual activities can be smoothly carried out just as if it was on the ground.


Zero Gravity Wedding

Nothing’s impossible if your pockets are deep enough. A pair of well-to-do universe lovers decided to say “I do” floating in weightless conditions in an aircraft adapted to imitate conditions on the Moon and Mars. This pleasure cost them more than £10,000. Their unusual trip lasted for an hour and a half and a couple of symbolic little things were added to it: the rings made from the pieces of a very old meteorite that hit the Earth 30 000 years ago, planet-shaped bride’s earrings and spaceship-shaped groom’s cuff links.


Wedding on a Bicycle

If cycling is your passion, than this is the right choice for you. Plus, it’s cheap, healthy and eco-friendly. One of the couples who decided to cycle into their marriage was a young Russian couple. Joined by their biker guests they rode around the city, stopped in front of the city hall, got married and rode off.


Garbage Dump Wedding

Believe it or not, this kind of wedding happened too. Rockie Graham and Dave Hart first saw each other on the garbage dump as they were recycling. After a couple of years they decided to unify on the same place they met. Moreover, they managed to talk 250 of their friends into joining them on the ceremony. How romantic!


Standing on a Plane

A fearless couple: Katie Hodgson and Darren McWalters sworn in on eternal love standing on two separated planes and facing their minister on the third one. Of course, all of them had previously been tied to the aircraft to prevent any accidents during the flight. The ceremony was broadcasted to 100 guests on the ground. Due to the obvious circumstances, the rings were exchanged after the landing.


Skydiving Wedding

You want to do something different.You and your partner are incurable dreamers and adventurers. Start your spousal life high up in the sky! Say “Yes” in the presence of registrar on you way up and jump together into a new adventure. After landing you can join your guests and celebrate until the late hours. Of course prior to the ceremony, you’d have to pass several medical tests and a mini training if you aren’t a certified skydiver.


Nudist Wedding

Another way to get married reserved only for the most courageous and the most self-confident ones. This type of wedding has already occurred before, but the most recent one happened on St Valentine’s day 2012. Nine couples concluded their marriage in their birthday suits. After being asked a series of questions, they were chosen out of 100 couples who applied for this free wedding. The present from the organizer was a bachelor/-ette party and a free-of-charge four day staying in Hedonism II resort-the organizer of the wedding. The only requirement for the couples was to approve using and publishing photo material from the ceremony.


Body Suspension Wedding

Suspending is the act of attaching hooks to the skin and hanging down. The aims of suspending are numerous : excitement, overcoming personal limits, penetrating deeper into the soul, reaching a higher level of mind… It may seem bizarre or morbid, but this is certainly reserved only for the bravest. Extreme piercing lovers - hook on!


Bungee Jumping Wedding

Adrenalin thirsty extreme sport lovers will love this. Yes, bungee jumping weddings exist and they are legal. The pioneers of this trend were Jeroen and Sandra Kippers, a couple of Belgians who decided to jump into their wedlock. For mere 7000 €, a company specializing in this kind of weddings organized the wedding of their dreams. It took place on a mobile platform, which lifted them 160 feet up, while the guests were sitting in their seats securely fastened. After they vowed to everlasting love, Jaroen and Sandra sealed their marriage by a spectacular jump and a kiss in the air.


Mount Everest Peak Wedding

Many have tried to bring it out, but nobody, except a Nepalese couple - Pem Dorjee and Moni Mulepati, succeeded. In 2007 they started the journey to the peak of Mount Everest determined to get married if they manage to reach it together. And they did it. At the height of 8850 meters they took off oxygen masks for only 10 minutes, they put plastic garlands on their heads, while the groom symbolically, in accordance with local tradition, put a bit of red powder on the head of the bride. When they came down, they organized a traditional wedding for their friends and family.