Best Paid Jobs

Who is in your opinion, a successful business man? One Who has the highest paid job? Successful managers are appreciated very much in the business world today. If so, why don’t we all study to become Natural sciences manager or marketing manager..? Are we all equally gifted? Certainly we aren’t. It’s very important for every man to love his job. If we love and want something, we have greater chances to achieve our goals and to be successful in our lives. I made a list of top best paid jobs, top 10 highest paid jobs. Choose ones which will make your life better in every aspect.



An average PSY's salary depends on specialization but is about $151.000 per year. It is assumed to be one of the most difficult jobs, wich requires relationship of trust with patients, endless patience and a strict code of ethic. A PSY deals with diagnosing and treating emotional and cognitive dysfunction.


Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Ceo earns a salary of at least $140.000 per year. he/she is responsible for all business issues and management, but CEO position has its benifits too.



An orthodontist's salary is similar to prosthodontist's and is about $153.000. This job also requires 9 years studying in order to treat malocclusion . An ORT. straighten crooked smiles and jaws using braces, head gear, molds, retainers, impressions and other devices.



An average salary of a Prosthodontist is about $154.000. The job requires 9 years of studying and specialization in estetic and reconstructive dentistry. It implies creating dentures, crowns, implants and recreating missing teeth and maxillofacial tissue with biocompatible substitutes.



Depending upon the field of specialization, an internist can earn $157.000 per year. The training required for an internist requires 8 years of college and additional 3-11 years of specialization. An internist does not perform surgery, but provides primary care by diagnosing and treating usual, chronic or serious diseases within the ears, eyes, skin, nervous system...


Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon

The fourth highest paid job holds Or. and Max. surgeon with approximately $160.000 salary per year. For this profession 12 years of post high school education and aditional year or two of specialization are required. The job includes operations of mouth, head and neck cancer within cosmetic facial surgery, craniofacial surgery, pediatric maxillofacial surgery and craniomaxillofacial trauma.



The average salary of OB/GYN is about $174.000. This profesion requires high grades during 12 years training after high school. As the OB/GYN assist trough childbirth, disease and varius malfunctions of their anathomy, so the job requires the great responsibility.



The second best paid job holds surgeon's right hand - the Anesthesiologist, who manages precise amounts of anesthetics that causes a local or general loss of sensation. You can earn $175.000, if you don't mind spending 12 years studying and training with best grades.



A top surgeon's salary of at $182.000 takes the first place if you like saving lives. But you have to be prepared to spend 10 to 15 years of your life studying a training invasive medical procedures in order to specialize a specific feild of surgery ( ex. heart or brain surgery).


Engineering Manager

This job requires wide knowledge and practical skills of accounting, economy, financial management, industrial management, human resources, industrial psychology, etc. For salary of at least $140.000, a bachelor’s degree at least is needed. Sometimes master or PhD are required.