Top 10 Most Dangerous Internet Challenges.

The XXI century gave us a lot of Internet resources, which changed our everyday life forever. Google, Facebook, iTunes, Netflix, YouTube and other networks and services are an integral part of our existing today. And in addition to all the possibilities of communication, all of them, especially YouTube, provided people with space for self-development and exchange of ideas with others. And because of such great abilities, many Internet challenges began to appear. YouTube challenges list contains hundreds of different challenges from children or charities to truly dangerous and even deadly ones. Many of you can already take part in some YouTube challenges, but we ask you not to join the challenges below. We decided to create a list of Top 10 challenges that have become the most dangerous among all the others. This article is perfect to understand how you should not do or behave (and also see how stupid other people can be).


Charlie Charlie Challenge

One of the really fun YouTube challenges in English-speaking countries is called #CharlieCharlieChallenge. The idea is to divide a list of a paper into four imaginary squares and write down 2 "Yes" and 2 "No" inside. After that, you have to use two pencils crossed in the middle to get a random answer to any question.

Fainting Challenge
Kylie Jenner Challenge
Ice Bucket Challenge

Fire Challenge

The first challenge in our list is quite strange because you do not need to exercise or achieve certain skills. You only need to burn yourself. The point is that you should put some flammable liquid on your body and then set the liquid aflame. And don't forget to record it on video. For sure, you will get unforgettable feelings and second-degree burns.


Taser Gun Challenge

This challenge is one of our favorite because all the dummies who have done it will never try to complete any other challenge. The meaning of challenge is pretty obvious: you have to hit yourself with the taser gun. The most beautiful thing about this challenge is to watch how these idiots go off after the discharge.

Choking Challenge

Salt & Ice Challenge

Chemistry has great power and possibilities, and some smart guys decided to start a challenge based on a simple chemical reaction. A "contestant" should first put salt on his hand and then place ice on the salt. The result is not very good, but the braves are glad to show everyone on YouTube that they have completed the challenge.

Bug Eating Challenge

Boiled Water Challenge

Sometimes challenges for YouTube are really a problem for society. Such thing happened with a Boiled Water Challenge. It had a couple of variants: the most popular ones were to pour scalding water over an unsuspecting person or to drink boiling water.

Don't Judge Me Challenge
Drinking Challenge

Cinnamon Challenge

Cinnamon Challenge probably is one of the top ten challenges on YouTube of all time. The meaning of it is very simple: a person has to eat a teaspoon of cinnamon powder, record a video of it and share the video on YouTube. If the person succeeds in it then ok, if not, well, at least people will watch a really funny video.


Tide Pod Challenge

Some video challenges can cause real health problems. Tide Pod Challenge became really popular and millions of kids and teenagers took part in it. According to the rules of the challenge, you have to eat a detergent and record it on the video. It is obvious that eating a detergent is tough and dangerous for your stomach.

Car Surfing Challenge

Eraser Challenge

One of the most popular challenges of recent years. The creators of this challenge wanted to check how concentrated a person can be experiencing real pain. The sense of challenge is that one person rubs the skin of another person with an eraser as hard as he/she can while a "contestant" reciting the alphabet or other phrases.


Cactus Eating Challenge

One of the Internet challenges to do at home. The name of the challenge speaks for itself. An interesting fact: in Mexico people really use to eat cactuses because their leaves contain a lot of water (and they make tequila from cactuses as well). That's why eating a cactus isn't as crazy as taser gun challenge.

Hot Water Challenge
iCarly Challenge
Lego Challenge
Aunt Jemima Syrup Challenge
Roast Yourself (Diss Track) Challenge
Duct Tape Challenge
Russian Roulette Challenge
Saltine Cracker Challenge
Backpack Challenge
Rock Paper Scissors Challenge
Sex Position Challenge

Plastic Bag Challenge

The list of top 10 most dangerous challenges must surely contain this one. According to the rules of the challenge, a person has to hold a plastic bag over their head while breathing heavily for up to five minutes. You may say only stupid people will do this challenge but there are hundreds of videos of the Plastic Bag Challenge on the YouTube.

The Game of 72
Water Bottle Flip Challenge
Xxtra Hot Cheetos Challenge
Condom Challenge
The Habanero Challenge
1000 Degree Knife Challenge