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A trick weapon typically used by Healing Church hunters. On the one side, an easily handled silver sword. On the other, a giant obtuse stone weapon, characterized by a blunt strike and extreme force of impact. The Church takes a heavy-handed, merciless stance toward the plague of beasts, an irony not lost upon the wielders of this most symbolic weapon.


I have killed every boss with this weapon....I love it, great for strength builds!

Okay. I REALLY hate to be the wet blanket..because I do like this weapon as a strength build. But the Kirkhammer has two serious weaknesses. 1: Range. In sheathed or unsheathed mode, the kirkhammer is criminally short on range. This is not a serious disadvantage with the sword because it has a wicked fast rapid attack. But when your trying to take advantage of that beefy attack and stagger value? When it's sheathed and in full hammer mode? It's range is virtually non-existant. This is a big problem especially when you compare it to the hunter's axe, which you can start with for free, or Ludwig's holy blade, which you can grind for within like an hour with the radiant sword hunter badge. 2: Swing speed. I get it. It's a big freaking slab of stone. Again, in unsheathed sword form, the Kirksword has a very fast attack rate, comparable to the unsheathed Ludwig's blade, if not maybe a smidge faster. However the hammer form is slow. Really, really slow. Your going to get interrupted a lot. Your going to take hits you don't have to because your wind up is slower then a snail with arthritis in cold molasses. Now the new patch has eased up on the stamina consumtion of this weapon, but really what this baby needs is a little extra speed and maybe a wider area of affect when it hits. All the other weapons in bloodborne seem to encourage a bloodthirsty, frantic attack style and this weapon sticks out a bit like a sore thumb in my opinion. Thoughts on this matter?

All weapons have their draw backs. The Kirkhammer has short range but can be a multipurpose weapon. You can use the sword for taking out smaller easier targets while using careful timing with the hammer form against slower enemies or when a large enemy is staggered can result in massive damage when you need it. It can also throw off people in PvP if you switch up your fighting style mid fight. I have not used the Kirkhammer in PvP but it is a similar trend with many of the weapons that effectively using both transformations throughout a fight will give you and advantage. You are right, there are definitely are weaknesses to this weapon but almost every weapon has drawbacks. Blades of Mercy-Short range, Ridderpallesch (don't judge my spelling)-lack of diversity in it's move set, chikage-Damages you, Ludwig's-fairly predictable move set, the list goes on but it's almost 3 in the morning and you get the point. If a weapon had no downside it would fall under the category "Over-Powered" and the short range does suck, but a variety of attacks come in handy, both in PvP and PvE.

Now this is true. I love my hunter's axe, but it's very easy to overextend yourself if your not careful. I suppose I should play the Kirkhammer much the same way. The overhead bash attack might actually help me in some instances where the sweeps of the Holy blade and axe would not. And while slow, your pretty much promised a stagger on whatever you hit..unless they have the poise of god.

this weapon is boss! its so powerful! escpislly the hammer it deals 332 damage on +3 to vicar amelai I recommed this weapon to everyone who loves stregth weapons or giant hammers ;3 cant wait to kill the next boss with this badass weapon! :D

As far as its name, i think it is a reference to the fact it is a weapon of the church. Kirke in Danish and Norwegian is the word for church and it seems to be covered in norse or at least norse like runes. It can also be referencing Kirk hammet as well since japan has a thing for layered multimeaning puns.

Well it's description says that it's a weapon specifically made by the Healing church..and you get it by killing the cleric beast so I do believe your on to something there. I just wish I could read what was written on the hammer's head.

Actually it kind of looks like ancient Sumerian writing, otherwise known as Cuniform. If I'm right then I have to thank my old high school history teacher for that lesson. But I won't even try to translate that, seeing as Sumerian is a dead language.

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