Hunter Axe from Best Bloodborne Weapons

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One of the trick weapons of the workshop, commonly used on the hunt. Retains the qualities of an axe, but offers a wider palette of attacks by transforming. Boasts a heavy blunt attack, leading to high rally potential. No matter their pasts, beasts are no more than beasts. Some choose this axe to play the part of executioner.


Simple? I disagree. The Hunter's axe has a wide arsenal of moves. However compared to the saw-cleaver or the threaded cane, I can understand why it would seem over powered or boring. One fully charged R2 will wipe out a whole mob of the huntsmen in central yharnam. But it's the mastery of the various attacks and controlling your attack range that will make this weapon fun.

Easy cheese against snatchers, R2 charged spin attack. Hits twice and knocks them down. When they get up they will do their self buff, during this time you can hit them again with it and kill them easy.

Just as I stated it on the Rally Potential page, the Hunter's Axe does not have the best rally potential. That "title" goes to the Burial Blade, and I've done numerous tests alongside other players to prove it. So I'll just be removing this from the page.

Fun fact: I killed the Brainsucker in Cathedral Ward with this baby in three hits. No thust attacks. Or..maybe the regular R2 counts as a thrust? I'm not sure entirely. Anyways I stood beneath the slimy bastard and while he flailed at the fence, I lined him up and let him eat axe. YES is was cheesy, but so are those brain-eating bastards! This weapon's range in transformed mode is not to be underestimated.

while i like the idea of using the threaded cane more like a ****ing pimp this weapon was my starter and stayed indespensable for almost the whole game untill i started using ludwigs and blade of mercy even then i had to pull it out for chalice bsb even now with burial blade and beast claw i think this axe is my best friend lol

yeah, same here, mate. Now I often use Holy Moonlight Sword but when things get tough, I pull out my Hunter Axe. Charge 'n' swing.

Regretting having this weapon at first.. primarily because i thought if i upgrade my strength to double of the requirement ill get faster attack movement.. but that didnt happen so i started new game with a cane and a new game with the saw.. but later on i paid the axe another visit and man i immediately realised that despite its slow if u time it right this weapon is a killer!

The spritng R1 with the 1 handed hunter's axe is one of the best attacks in the game. Soul's game veterans might remember it as the long sword (I think) from Demons souls, and the Sunlight Straight sword from Dark Souls 1, because they have the same moveset in 1 handed form. The sprinting R1 is a very fast attack that hits a wide area quickly, many difficult enemies can be beaten simply by sprinting and slashing them repeatedly on the way by. Also trick weapons can execute combos by alternating R1 and L1 to switch between 1 hand and 2 hand mode mid-combo.

While it doesn't have the best Strength scaling compared to Ludwig's Blade or Kirkhammer, it still has a great moveset and good stun chance. This thing carried me through most of the game until my Ludwig's Blade surpassed it. The Poleaxe form has great reach and poke attacks for bigger, more dangerous foes.

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