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One of the top GameCube games of the action-adventure genre, the game offers us an alternative look at Mario’s family. Though fairly short, the game lets us play as Luigi while searching for Mario in the haunted mansion. It received positive feedback and the length was the primary critique point.


Its my favorite game because it features a role to my favorite character, which happens to be... Luigi!

Also, I'm scared to look at the E3 2001 video. What's in it? Anything scary? Anyway, I was really scared when I saw Luigi screaming in the 2000 GC Reel. It that in the 2001 trailer? And what's the end? The beta game over? If I see Luigi scream, I'm gonna freak out. Is there a closeup of Luigi screaming in the video? Does the end show the animation with the creepy Luigi? PLEASE TELL ME!!!

Well. I've seen other horror games and Luigi's Mansion isn't scary compared to them. The only scary thing about this game is that it's very short to beat lol

What's Mario's Mansion? No other wikipedia site says this. But Smosh made a fake version about Mario being bored so he gives the roll to Luigi.

I have no idea what that is. Probably just a fan-made game, but you never know.

Has anyone else noticed that the exterior of Big Boo's Haunt in Super Mario 64 looks like the exterior of Luigi's mansion? I think Big Boo's Haunt inspired Luigi's Mansion.

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