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This cartooney 2004 Mario RPG is often mentioned along with the names of the best GameCube games of all time. It has an accent on action and remains its turn-based battles. Winning RPG of the year 2005 award, it offers a catchy story and easy gameplay mechanics, becoming an enjoyable experience all around.


This is one of my least favourite games of all times, I really hate it 5 reasons why the game sucks There is a character in the game with uncensored boobs which isn't suitable for a kid friendly game. It is so easy to get stuck on this game a few bosses killed me many times. The story isn't that good my SMG4 Longplay stories are 100 times better than this and don't get me started on World 3 in fact after this game and it's sequel fanboys of the series have been hating on games with a small story or none when you still got the gameplay that's amazing. I really don't like the soundtrack the World 2 Map of NSMB is 100 times better. This game is the reason why a series I grew up with (NSMB) has received a bit of unnecessary hate and all this game's fanboys hate PMSS (an awesome game) and think that every game in the Paper Mario series and Mario series in general should consist of Thousand Year Door repeats and remasters trust me after like the 3rd 4th or 5th remaster you're eventually going to get sick of it... If you like this game just know I have nothing against you I'm just expressing my opinion here because I'm one of those guys who likes NSMB and PMSS...

Just note I know this is your opinion so I'm not trying to downgrade this or anything. Just my opinion on your opinion. `1. That is something that makes Flurrie known as The Scrappy (a tv tropes term used to describe a character that isn't well liked) but nothing that really makes the whole game bad. 2. Not really. Even on my very first playthough years ago when I was young, I only got stuck at the Palace of Shadow which is sorta understandable given it's the final level in the game. 3. The story is considered a hit/miss for some. However, it is a nice take away from Bowser being the main antagonist for once. 4. Soundtrack is well recieved by critics actually. 5. I know this is an opinion! Just hear me out when I say this but this is what I have a problem with. You shouldn't really compare an RPG with a main series playformer like New Super Mario Bros. As for Paper Mario: Sticker Star, offense but at least TTYD has a story. I mean, come on, Bowser has no dialogue at all and every boss fight in the game are, what are known as Puzzle Fights. It also doesn't help your only partner in the game (Kersti) seems to be in a constant bad mood and blames Mario for no reason. At least in TTYD, you can get through the game without a guide the first time. Sticker Star, I had to use one and I don't like resorting to using guides to help me out in a game. Sticker Star is a good game with a guide and has good visuals. It's just, honestly, it has way more faults than TTYD does. Again, this is just my opinion that I consider Sticker Star the worst in the series and TTYD the best. I'm not trying to be biased or anything. Just try not to compare it to the main platforms since they're meant to be different.

Easily the best of both the RPG Mario series and every Mario spinoff in general...

My favorite game of all time. :D

Definately my favorite Paper Mario game.

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