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Best GameCube games of all time lists will always include Mario games. This platformer was released in 2002. A commercial success, it includes revolutionary graphics, engaging gameplay and a story to compliment the whole thing. Mario’s vacation won’t keep you bored as you need to clean the island and save the princess. Again.


Sonic Adventure has simularities to this game, right?

Not really. The plots are too different and Sunshine has the Mario/FLUDD gameplay.

After collecting 120 Shine Sprites: The Day is saved, thanks to Mario :)

This must be a joke game.

no its not iv played it before and is like any regular game lol

I think I side with Skye. It was just a little bit boring. And like PuhBuhGu said, the level design wasn't as creative.

No, it's not fool. It's real and it's an extremely awesome and creative, original Mario game.

It was better than SM64. Especially because FLUDD made the game deviate from the usual punch kick jump style of basically every other mario platformer.

you misspelled a few words. don't worry, i fixed them for you.

I'm Uploading As Many Screen Shots Of The Game As I Can. I'm Gonna Try Ten A Day.

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