THE M16 (UNLOCKED AT RANK 1) from Best Guns in Modern Warfare Remastered

THE M16 (UNLOCKED AT RANK 1) 1 100x100

The M16 is a free weapon unlocked in one of the default classes at level 1, equipped with an ASP, and with the perks Scavenger, Steady Aim, and Second Chance. The M16 is a higher damage weapon. One whole burst will usually suffice, but at longer ranges, an extra bullet may be required, thus an extra burst. The headshot multiplier allows for one less bullet, allowing for one accurate burst to kill an enemy from afar. This high damage is offset due to the M16 having the lowest "overall" RPM of all assault rifles, at a measly 459 RPM. The bullets shot in one burst will fly at 937 RPM. Both of these speeds are slower than the G11. The M16 has regular penetration.


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