THE M60E4 (UNLOCKED AT RANK 19) from Best Guns in Modern Warfare Remastered

THE M60E4 (UNLOCKED AT RANK 19) 1 100x100

In multiplayer, the M60E4 is unlocked at level 19. It can be equipped with a Red Dot Sight, a Grip, or an ACOG Scope. It is also one of the few weapons with the option for golden camouflage, however this exclusivity is nullified in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered, as all weapons can accept Gold Camouflage. The M60E4 is the most powerful machine gun in multiplayer, with one of the highest damage outputs per shot in the game, but has high recoil and a low rate of fire compared to the M249 SAW or RPD. It is often used with the Double Tap or Stopping Power perks, with Stopping Power being more effective at long range and Double Tap being more effective at medium and close range.


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