Best Melee Armor Runescape

RuneScape armor has always been a focal point of each character within the game. It defines the way your protagonists look, how strong they are and how much damage can they take before dying in battle. The sets vary in complexity, price and protection value. The armor at the lower levels won’t be that good, but as you progress, legendary items can be unlocked. We have collected the examples of RuneScape melee armor that are much higher to obtain but providing much bigger bonuses and durability. An old school fan, or a new player - you will definitely find the thing you love in this list.

Malevolent armour
Anima Core of Zaros

Bandos Armor

RuneScape Bandos Armor can be obtained while defeating the bodyguards of General Graardor or the guy himself. While having a smaller defense bonus than the Barrows set, Bandos equipment is much more pricey due to being non-degradable and pretty rare. It also has a tasty Strength bonus.

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Tetsu Armor

This melee armor in RuneScape will make you a 10/10 in terms of looks. This slick set makes the wearer a true descendant of the Shogun. Armor provides a considerable melee defense bonus as well as offers a possibility to get ports resource crate upon killing an opponent when wearing 4 or more set items.

Statius's equipment
Third-age warrior armour
Refined Anima Core of Zaros

Barrows Armor

Barrows Armor is a set of equipment and not just one particular piece of armor. There are eight possible variations, depending on the Barrows wights that dropped it. If the set dropped from a specific wight and is collected and equipped, a unique set bonus is awarded to the player.


Superior Statius's Equipment

One of the most durable RuneScape armor sets. It takes up whole 100,000 combat charges to disintegrate any item in the set. Everything but the helm can also be augmented, unlocking the possibilities for even bigger defensive bonuses. It is a part of the Superior Ancient Warriors' equipment.


Torva Armor

The third-best melee power armor in Runescape and fifth highest when it comes to levels, being as high as level 80. Nex of the Ancient Prison rarely drops the items of this set. Though degradable, the set does not lose its efficacy when going from fully repaired to fully degraded, making at least 5 hours of battle time a perfect experience.