Best Melee Weapon Terraria

Terraria puts you in a random 2D world and makes you survive by crafting, harvesting, building and fighting the foes. Terraria melee weapons play a huge part in this process, obviously. Gamers gather the materials and create their own killing devices and as they progress, more advanced weapons can be crafted. RankTopTen has made a list that will make the fans (including you) choose the best weapon in Terraria they have ever used. Comment on the item to tell us how did you get hold of it and how useful it was for cleaning the waves of enemies.

Terra Blade





meowmere is better than terra blade

Solar Eruption

The solar eruption does massive damage very hastily and it is able to shoot through walls unlike the terra blade and meowmere

Flying Dragon

Star Wrath

An extremely powerful longsword when compared to most of other Terraria melee weapons. This bad boy creates not one but three projectiles, extremely handy against grouped foes. While the sword itself deals 110 damage, each projectile inflicts double the damage. Armageddon incoming, people.



Weapons of Terraria can vary greatly. Like, a LOT. This one is a yo-yo from the Hard mode that drops from the Moon Lord boss 11.11% of the time. Despite being a yo-yo, it can inflict very high DPS, which compensates for base damage. 190 melee damage and 14% critical chance make the entire thing that much sweeter.

Lol I had one of these but I dropped in my Golem fight by accident XD

Lol I had one of these but I dropped in my Golem fight by accident XD

You guys are all forgetting the weapon that can shred up the Moon Lord in under a minute; the Zenith


The Eye of Cthulhu

Easily the best weapon in Terraria by name and origin; it's a reference to a charactar in Lovecraft's stories. It is the second strongest yo-yo in the game, only giving way to the Terrarian. It deals 115 damage upon attack but only has 4% critical chance. Quick tip, Yoyo Bag will increase damage output.


Influx Waver

The Martian Madness event granted this sword, some call it the best weapon in Terraria. The only restricting factor is the 11.11% drop chance from the Martian Saucer. The projectile that this sword makes is pretty fast, and although it disappears after making contact with the enemy, it can reappear for up to two more times.


True Night's Edge

True Night's Edge is one of the Hardmode Terraria weapons. It is a required component in the assembly of the Terra Blade and it looks almost like the Night's Edge, obviously. 76 base damage and 106 crit damage make it a pretty potent weapon to wield and smash bad guys with. Its projectile can also pass through one block barriers as well.