Best Fallout 4 Alternate Start Mods

Tired of the vanilla way? Tired of how the story begins? Fancy a new challenge or simply a better experience? Fallout 4 alternate start mods can fulfill your deepest desires. With a highly developed field of maneuvers, the modders managed to create dozens of the start versions for the game. We’ve got the best ones here for you to witness. Choose carefully and let us know which mode made you feel the best about the created alternate start. Fallout 4 is now defined by mods and now’s a good time for choosing the top ones in this category.


Start Me Up - Alternate Start and Dialogue Overhaul

This Fallout 4’s alternative start mod offers some significant changes to the beginning of the game. You are given four options to choose from - the vault dweller, a regular joe from the Commonwealth, an average guy that wakes up after what happened in Vault 111 and the standard one. Dialogues, customizable stats and much more are available.

Maybe best fallout 4 alternate start mod.

This is by far the best I've found when it comes to different start options. The only background story you can't get away from is during the character creation. Basicly some point in life you did have a boy/girl friend.


Alternate Start - Infinite Answer

This Fallout 4 alternative start mod is one of the most lore-friendly ones you'll find in the section. It offers a vast number of choices, and you can begin playing as a Ranger, a member of Enclave, The Institute and so on. More role-playing options beyond the Sole Survival gameplay were added, to keep the immersionremains intact.

Yep the best one


Alternate Start - Raider

One of the roughest Fallout 4 alternate start mods. Don't expect to play as charismatic and smart characters that can be role models for the kids. The mod is about being brutal, intense and always in search for scrap and food to get you through the day. Experience from an entirely different story angle guaranteed.


Alternate (Easier) Start With Lore

This alternate start in Fallout 4 actually rewards you with a settlement of your own at the beginning of the game! The mod originated as a simple save file but was later repurposed to be an alternative option for new playthroughs. You are given some weapons, ammo, custom items and even a story to flesh out the “lore” part of the experience.


Alternate Start by Quantumbutterfly

This one offers an unusual experience as a Fallout 4 alternative start mod. You are not starting from the base point in the game, but further down the storyline. Your character is already leveled up, and you are free to choose your perks. Character customization is done through console command.

Alternate start - Scientist
Alternate Start Ghoul Kristen