Diablo 3 Best Classes

Diablo 3 was as magnificent as its predecessors. A fairly good choice of characters with different skills and strategies to employ. The discussions about the best class in Diablo 3 never went quiet. Some are easier to play and master for beginners, other offer great strength and damage in the hands of an experienced player. The choice is the matter of taste and set of skills. We have completed a list of possible choices, and it’s up to the fans now to determine Diablo 3 best class. Leave a comment to let us know how you play with certain characters and why that works so good!


Barbarian - Diablo III

Barbarian was the first to be confirmed among the Diablo classes for the next entry in the series. Always seeking for worthy foes, this veteran fighter’s main advantage is extreme strength. Close combat, damage reduction, and gallons of enemies’ blood spilled - that’s Barbarian in a nutshell.

Necruid - Diablo III

Witch Doctor - Diablo III

One of the newer Diablo 3 classes. The Witch Doctor comes out as a mixture of a few classes from previous games (including the Sorcerer and Necromancer). Witch Doctors are heavily dependent on mana as they practice their dark tribal rituals to take away the life force of their enemies.


Wizard - Diablo III

Probably Diablo 3 best class for crowd control. Wizard is a long-range caster aka a glass cannon. Developed techniques and improved skills unlock strong abilities to use crowd control as one of the main methods of battlefield command. A decent player can use Wizard to obliterate targets even before other classes can touch them.


Monk - Diablo III

These Diablo characters rely on their agility; clear contrast to classes like the Barbarian and Crusader. Fire and holy damage accompany physical damage dealing type in a good Monk build. The Monk can fly around his enemies and defeat them due to being more agile rather than stronger.


Demon Hunter - Diablo III

One of the most cunning and insidious Diablo classes. Demon Hunter is heavily based around ranged combat while also being able to set up traps and perform sneak attacks on enemies that do not expect it. Their Hatred is used for offense and Discipline defines how well they can defend.

Crusader - Diablo III
Necromancer - Diablo III
Archivist - Diablo III