Most Expensive CSGO Skin

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive offers new maps, character skins and weapons, as well as classic, newly edited content like the map »de_dust2«. As a graphic engine, Valve's in-house source engine is used once. New game modes (including a casual option), a matchmaking system, and online ranked lists are also on board. In fact, a distinction is made between the casual variants and the eSport matchmaking mode. Matchmaking follows the official rules for tournaments and world championships. Players are divided into skill groups here and here, depending on their own abilities. All other game modes follow the "Just4Fun" principle. Seasonally, both eSports championships (so called majors), as well as operations take place. The last ones offer entertaining quests, new maps from community members, as well as so-called cases - that is, weapon boxes. These must be opened by real money microtransaction to get random waffenskins. Their value fluctuates enormously, from a few cents to thousands of euros. The skins, however, are purely cosmetic and do not affect the gameplay.

M9 Bayonet: Crimson Web, ~$5900
Desert Eagle: Crimson Web, ~$400
MP7: Whiteout, ~$500
M4A1-S: Chantico’s Fire, ~$550
AUG: Akihabara Accept, ~$689
MP9: Bulldozer, ~$700
AWP: Dragon Lore, ~$1305
M4A4: Howl, ~$1830
AK-47: Fire Serpent, ~$4500
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