Falco from Super Smash Bros. Brawl Character

Falco 1 100x100

Super smash bros brawl characters Falco. His is simply an updated special moveset for falco Falco all of falco's special moves are replaced including his final smash except his reflector stay the same Falco Moveset: B: Blaster ~ Falco’s blaster differs a little from his previous outing. Falco is now able to rotate his blaster in all directions, also his blaster lasers bounce off platforms and walls. B>: Jump Sprint ~ Falco leans back and charges directly forward in the direction the player is facing, this attack will do no damage however unless the player presses the A button when nearing an opponent, if executed correctly Falco will begin to jump over the opponent but will send a hard, fast kick into the head of his opponent, this can also be used as a meteor smash. B^: Falco Flight ~ Falco raises his wings and launches himself upwards using them, he also points his head upwards to use his beak to hit any opponents in his way. Has gliding capabilities. Final Smash: Arwing ~ Falco crouches down and puts a hand/wing (whatever) onto his communication headset. He jumps up into the air and comes back down in an Arwing. The player is then free to move the Arwing around pressing the A button to shoot a laser and the B button to drop a smart bomb.


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