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As unpredictable as he is brutal, the dethroned reaver king known as Gangplank is feared far and wide. Where he goes, death and ruin follow, and such is his infamy and reputation that the merest sight of his Raise Morale item.png black sails on the horizon causes panic among even the hardiest crew.


I think you'd only be able to keep Fervor up during laning phase which is when Fervor does the least damage especially since you don't have crit yet. It might work for lane dominance but Grasp of the Undying would be more suitable for that & it gives sustain.

well imagine stacking up fervor with Q then all in'ing with the your paqssive burn and a barrel, i dont play gangplank but i'd like to think that its at least better than something like thunderlords or warlords.

You basically need burst mobility or just outrange him. you can't risk wading through barrels. Lee sin can Q him and he's dicked, renekton just toys with him. Jayce, too, considering he can both outrange, poke him, and dive him. But do not play anyone who just runs at him.

would running fervor of battle on GP and spamming Q on the enemy to always have it fully proced be a terible idea?

Not better, generally speaking. The two cannot be linearly compared. Given the two properties A and B, it is possible for neither to be better. Many things in the real world cannot be ordered just like real numbers (which is great, because otherwise there'd be no true decisions). Stuff with a dimension higher than one cannot be ordered in general (e.g. complex numbers- the example from reality as spacetime itself is complex). Thunderlord Decree mastery 2016 is popular because it can be procced by Cannon Barrage.png ult across the entire map- something that Fervor of Battle mastery 2016.png cannot compete with, as Cannon Barrage.png ult has no AD scaling by itself (so the former also grants it such scaling). In the end each keystone follows the different goals, granting the different benefits and drawbacks. I am not condemning the usage of Fervor of Battle mastery 2016.png. It just means following the different role/playstyle and comparing the two keystones linearly is thus pointless.

Thing with GP is that he doesnt have a best keystone. TLD is mostly useless outside ult, Grasp is useless after laning and Warlords is almost non-existent until u get some AD/crit. Hell, u can even use Stoneplate or Stormraiders on GP without losing much.

why the hell doesn't his powder keg have a mana cost?

well im not a gangplank main, but ive been playing this game for 4 years and seen whats considered unbalanced and unhealthy removed change rather regularly. i would think it has no mana cost because it itself adds no base damage to your own attack and instead adds armour pen with a minor slow if its hit, the keg itself is basicly just an AOE auto attack that has armour pen. think of it like the passive on darius'es E but in a different way. the passive on darius'es E is a lower amount in comparision and effects all of darius'es damage, the only reason it has a mana cost is because it has hard croud control tied to it, as apose to the slow (that is not hard croud control) that gp has.

Let's not forget that in some ways, RIOT has come to an understanding that simply adding a mana cost to limit a champion's playstyle is neither intriguing nor intuitive. For mages it can be understandable, but for a champion like Gangplank who has a unique style, having a mana cost on his battle setup ability would heavily burden how he functions. Balancing mana costs between Q and W to make way for a cost on E wouldn't help either. Instead, Powder Kegs have a semi-long recharge time (at least early on), don't have overlapping damage, cannot be instantly blown and have other traits that already hinders it from having too much power. Even if RITO decided to mana cost, they would likely not make it expensive at all, for the aforementioned reasons about: the ability's potential damage is gated by certain criterias already.

Also, it'd really be lousy to completely waste mana by placing a barrel just to have it denied, especially on a champion who wants to use their Q--which does have a mana cost--about whenever they can. Mana cost on barrels would discourage placing them anywhere any enemy can reach them because a barrel would be so much more of an investment, and this would be really hard on new GPs who haven't mastered their quick chaining mechanics and all that.

i'm posing this question since rework and i find all argument against a mana cost invalid giving mana cost on the setup is lame cause it add no damage: false, it add damage because it make q aoe thus literaly multiplicating the damage, plus refresh passive because it can be destroyed for no benefit: this ignore the huge zoning potential toward all melee champion that cant simply destroy it being at risk to be blown in the face because q and w has mana cost enough: 40 mana on q are you serious? what i think is EXTREMELY toxic about barrel play is the fact that when gp get owned hard in lane he has ALWAYS the option to just sit under turret, and i mean BEHIND the turret, place a barrel and wait, he just explode the barrel, even with autos if he dont have silly 40 mana, and farm the full wave with nearly 0 risk to be harrassed, this is non interactive and antifun, and is sadly what most of the gp do, after 6 they dont need the tp to gank another lane due to ult and scale to oblivion. also "minimal slow" is not how i would describe 40-80% slow, no is not minimal is damn MASSIVE. plus passive true damage refresh, plus movement speed, for free. this is wrong for the game. also who is the genius who think 10 gold make up for the risk to go near a barrel to hit that? are you serioud? 10 gold?

The more i play GP the more i get frustrated how easy is to counter him by any decent ADC, since autos projectile speed scale with AS, but ur Q speed doesnt scale with anything and even if u time it right, u still lose if they time it right too and unless u one trick him is pretty hard to have perfect timings on them anyway. Now i know that having invulnerable barrels would be a hard buff to GP, because how easy he can zone u, but how about reducing their duration to something like 15-10 seconds? This way he will still be able to zone people(dont see how this is a bad thing), but wouldnt be obnoxious since they dont last long and also would be another nerf to his laning. Thoughts?

ok let's say you are a melee champion and you play top vs a GP at lv 1 he farm with q and aa, or even harrass you with q from lv 2 and onward he has 1 barrel every 18 seconds aka 1.8 barrels per wave, he can safely place one near him and when you even get close to cs he q the barrel and place another ijn your face, and you are slowed, like severely slowed, while he has a speedup, how one is supposed to dal with it, given q cose 40 mana and barrels cost none?

GP is a strong champion. There's no denying that. Even if you bully him in lane, he'll eventually rack up kills & assists via Ult, much like Karthus. But... everything he does pushes the wave. His Q on you will draw minion aggro which means his minions beat over your minions. His Barrel Combos weaken your waves. If you coordinate with your jgler, you should be able to pull ahead of GP through ganks. Perhaps play GP in practice tool and get used to barrel timings. If you get rid of your opponent's barrels, most of your troubles are gone, and you get 10g per. GP's barrels don't become uninterceptable until he hits lv 13. If the Barrels are your biggest problem and you aren't able to get close to them to last hit them, stand away from your minion wave and force him to choose to use his barrels on the wave OR for harrassing you. If he wants both, he'll have to use all 3 of his barrels, effectively buying you 18 seconds of barrel free laning.

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