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The peerless warrior known as Pantheon is a nigh-unstoppable paragon of battle. He was born among the Rakkor, a warlike people living on the flanks of Mount Targon, and after climbing the mountain's treacherous peak and being deemed worthy, he was chosen to become the earthly incarnation of the celestial Aspect of War. Imbued with inhuman power, he relentlessly seeks the enemies of Targon, leaving only corpses in his wake.


why are u protecting panth, his kit is very poorly desinged nobody can deny it. His passive is kinda OK but the Q has too much range that even ranged champs are easily targeted, its cooldown is basically non-existent same as its mana cost. its just pure point n click physical dmg ,doesnt requieres any skill managment to use. W the same just a poin n click with again to much range that stuns an enemy wow. makes his e even easier to use since its cast time is just 0.75 sec but deals tons of dmg with a passive rather fitting an actual assasin. R is the only skill u have to use wisely or dont since his basic abilities have too high dmg making him independent from his R. his combo is always the same W in E with some QQs in it.Pantheon is just desinged as a early bully who has barely a use late except him trying to reach the adc. His laningphase has literally no counterplay in it and he becomes true sh** late

Since first quarter of 2015 til my last game on mid 2016, I only played Pant - i mostly prefer Pant mid than top since its alot easier to gank globally at 100% kill chance whenever an opportunity presents. This dude can really massacre most heroes (well, at least not against a pro anivia mid or a pro gragas top). But the thing is, even though an early 6 item Pant cannot even get close to a 70% win chance. In my case, I consistently go for a glass cannon build (max pen build) especially when I'm mid and its pretty much common for me to have 20 kills per/game. The bad part about my playstyle is that I always gain the kills (almost 75% of the time) and when the opposing side survives awhile longer and builds def items and anti-cc even at 4 items, it easily negates the whole advantage. Not to mention if they somehow pull a tricky tactic to snipe me down or i suddenly played foolish, it becomes an easy turn around. The point? Every aspect of the game is objective and the players should figure out how to capitalize both on the hero/map-situation advantage/disadvantage and alot of players should really figure out what style best suit them. Pant has a level of power/danger if your him or against him, but that depends on the whole game situation. If he's manage to gain advantage, then avoid the fronts with him and build def just hold him in lane. The game is not designed that all heroes can go against each other fairly in lane. I hope I can play again this 2017 and gauge these new heroes. \(^o^)/

Before one complains about his scalings, understand WHY. Yes, his Q and E are insanely strong, and his W is considered as a standaone ability as OP, and his ult is very VERY useful out of lane. But know that he was designed as a single-minded, single-target, anti-carry(like Diana). Pantheon is made to kill the carry in a 1v1 during lane(top or jng role), or 1v1 the carry in a teamfight if the carry's team is negligent toward thier team. Assassins carry by killing thier targets in a short period of time and get out, marksmen kill thier target over a sustained period of time while being safe in thier composition. How do you kill these types of champs? Tanks dont do enough dmg unless fed, and fighters (while they dive as well) are not usually bursty enough. This is what pantheon and a few others like him are made to do. Ruin a carry's day by diving and quickly removing them, but at HIGH risk to himself because he is not AS tanky or durable as other fighters. If his burst doesnt finish his target, he is HEAVILY punished for messing up his easy kit beacuse he has no escapes and an easy to read combo. Heavy damage comes at the heavy price of only HAVING 2 reliable sources of dmg, no aces up his sleeve like other champs do. His ult lets him get to his target, his W locks down his target,but his only two damage abilities are heavily-loaded so he can kill his target. But NOTE how is said target, not targetS. Pantheon's kit is intentionally front-loaded and easy to use because he is made to have only one job, and thats it KILL SQUISHIES. With only one job, pantheon becomes VERY predictable. In lane he pokes till you are 1/2 hp, then he dives to kill, then ganks. In jng he ults or walks into lane, then combos to kill. That is all. He is a bully who picks on people over and over, but the problem with bullies is that they are dumb and predictable. He falls off late because his strategies tend to be very easy to predict and thus simply group up to CC lock his ass then murder him. Yes, Rito did admit that pantheon is a bit overloaded, BUT they say that about 50% of thier champs(irelia, diana, xin zhao, etc) and yet since that statement, they have given Pantheon a very specific purpose that they are happy with: A Semi-durable, High-risk, anti-carry. TLDR: Pantheon is front-loaded with scalings because he is simple, yet easy to destroy because of his very predictable purpose of murdering those too dumb to back off. Complainers just dont know how to earlygame or play safe.

This champion is the single most infuriating top laner there is. Teemo, Darius, Renekton all die to this champion. They are also more fun to play against. He's a bullshit lane bully that turns into a roaming assassin. And let's not forget his W, which is possibly the game's most broken ability. He dashes to you, stuns you, allowing him to charge his E fully on you, oh and he blocks your next auto. If his passive wasn't enough. Even mages just straight up die to his burst and tanks still die. I would love to see some nerfs, because I'm banning him every game, and it's getting ridiculous. Or rework him, just DO SOMETHING RIOT.

The bronze rant, "OMG I had one stupid game against this one stupid champ and went 0/10, not my bad tho cuz I'm good, I must conclude that the champ is just broken af". Againt all 3 champions you cited, pantheon doesn't have the kill potential (without ignite) on his own unless the lane opponent is not playing carefully.

I believe his Q doesn't have a place in the game as is, it's a very frustrating poke that when combined with Pantheons kit, can seem really hard to play against, but it falls off so hard that I don't really know what to say about it besides I dislike how little counterplay there is throughout laning phase.

He was like this but not anymore. You probably ran in into some really experienced Pantheon who just stomped you. Not your fault though. Riot removed mana pot which really hurts his early game and he can't snowball that hard as he used to. With mana pots you could carry another 500 mana into battle to fuel your endless rain of spears. That is another 11 spears. Also he got a nerf to his E so he is not that strong. He is still good but not as good as he used to be. You have to manage your mana with regen and you have to be careful how you spent it or you will soon become helpless.

First time using this champion, AMAZING like wow this dude can REALLY SNOW BALL HARD my first time playing this dude (im still a newbie right now) was actually weird yet fun...they deecided i was going to be the support because of the freaking yasuo, so everyone said "just be the on the ashe bottom" ( Thanks team...). The Yasuo was doing ok but my ashe was SO COCKY she goes all in and died twice even though I warned her to just keep farming so she could keep up with the vayne, she flames me for being a noob support that's where I decided "you know? what screw it" i took ALL of the minion cs bought items ( full lethality...thanks Anklespankin!) and WOW THE DAMAGE it takes 3 hits to start a good team fight then our jungle shyvana just proceeds to murder them in her dragon form pretty awesome game just a question, is there any build that gives him some defensive stats? Full lethality is really good but your squishy, like REALLY squishy.

Well since it was your first time playing i can't blame you for not knowing,but he is not squishy at all,out of all assassins he has the biggest survivability by far,but you can always build bruiser,you can take DMP or some other tanky item,but the items i strongly recommend are BC and DD.

Anyone else notice panth's champ portrait never changed after the splash update? It's still the same old orange background one in game.

I went as riven against him.He killed me in 3 autos a q and ignite.Not broken.After that he would just kill me in a spell rotation for the rest of the game.

This guy's scalings are way too high. He is a fighter, not an Assassin and yes, i know if he build like an Assassin he is fairly squishy, but since he is a fighter he has things Assassins don't have (a stun, a passive that gives him durability) and this creates pretty unfair situtations of oneshotting with little to no counterplay.

Only if you didn't have the durability to survive his rotation. Nor an ally to interrupt it.

A Pantheon with a Standard Assassin build (Duskblade, Ghostblade, Maw ect) is able to oneshot any squishy and can kill even tanky People really quick. So If you don't have an Alistair Standing inside of you that knocks Panth away instantly after he stunned you, you will die, because his E ticks really fast and kills you in 1 second.

Pantheon is an early game champ who falls off harder than even Lee Sin unless he gets really fed early. Also despite Riot's official labels, I would argue Pantheon is an Assassin first and a Fighter second. I'm guessing you dealt with him toplane? I always make Pantheons my bitch by picking Vlad. Vlad can pool to avoid his W+E combo, and Vlad's Q is more spammable than Pantheon's, because Pantheon will go oom. Vlad's Q also isn't blocked by Pantheons passive.

Pantheon's Q & E scalings need to be higher than average because they're the only reliable damage-dealing abilities in his kit. Look at other fighters and assassins; between their kits and their passives they usually have three (or more) sources of damage to choose from. The power budget of W & R is already devoted to other things, meaning their damage has to be kept negligible/unreliable to compensate. As far as his passive goes, it needs to be there because Pantheon's kit is all about engage; he has no escape tools like "true" assassins, so he needs some durability to survive whatever fight he gets himself into. Even then, Aegis Protection isn't perfect. It doesn't block abilities, making it dead weight against champions like Vlad and Rumble. It also doesn't block DoT effects, meaning the likes of Fizz, Darius, Teemo, GP, etc can actually still deal plenty of damage even if some of their attacks end up being blocked

I hope you are both just being sarcastic.. Panth and Kha'Zix are absolute tops when it comes to AD scaling -_- Beside Riven maybe but she can't rotate it all in such short time span as assasins..

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