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A half-breed born from the union between dragon and human, Shyvana searched all her life for belonging. Persecution forged her into a brutal warrior, and those who dare stand against Shyvana face the fiery beast lurking just beneath her skin. Dragonkind considered Shyvana's impure blood an abomination, and she spent her youth pursued relentlessly by one cruel drake. Constantly on the run, she and her father, an outcast dragon, never knew a lasting home. A brutal reflection of countless battles, Shyvana grew hateful and savage. After years of strife, her father finally fell to the other dragon, but not before gravely wounding his foe. Furious with grief, Shyvana pursued her father's murderer as he fled north to recover. There she encountered a group of humans on the trail of the same drake. Though the men looked upon her in fear, their leader approached Shyvana peacefully. He introduced himself as Jarvan IV, the Prince of Demacia, and offered to aid Shyvana in her quest for vengeance. Together they hunted down and confronted the vicious dragon that had slain her father. Shyvana did not expect the men to survive, but in the clash of fire and steel, Jarvan and his men fought with strength she had never believed humans to possess. The ironclad warriors drove their foe into submission, and Shyvana struck the final blow, tearing the beast's heart from its body. Inspired by her ferocity, Jarvan offered her a place in the ranks of his elite guard. Shyvana could still see fear in the eyes of his men, but she longed for a true home. Trusting Jarvan's word, she accepted his offer and now serves as a Demacian warrior. Though her human allies admire her power, they keep their distance. Shyvana strives to repay the prince's kindness with the power of the dragon within, but she cannot help but wonder if the humans are right to fear her.


I feel like I have found the way that Shyvana can be a successful top laner again. Instead of bringing flash/tp, try using exhaust/tp. From my experience it makes you almost unduelable. Shyvana really doesn't need flash due to a mix of her w and ult. You can essentially get away from anyone with your w as long as you use it properly and since your ult is on almost a perma lower cooldown compared to flash, and it's longer range at that., you can use that as your main escape and gap closing ability. I'm not going to say she's easy to lane as but the rewards for doing it are worth the risk. She becomes a huge raid boss late game and can usually burst down the squishy targets and burn through tanks easily enough.

Hi, coming back to the game after a long hiatus. What's likely the average armor/mr accumulated by her innate over most games, and how much does it vary overall?

Monstrous jg clear,but honestly it's quite hard to gank without ult,is toplane worth a try?I mean she is tanky as hell and her dmg is ridiculous,escape without ult is hard but still.

From my experience she is way better jungle. Bloodrazor, Bortk, Mallet, Deadmans, GA with Ghost is pretty strong and eats squishies in several hits. Top lane she turns into a split pusher, but as a jungler u play very aggresive because u win almost every 1v1 and apply a lot of pressure on the map.

I know a lot of Shyvana's damage is magic, but she also does a lot of physical damage. How good is Black Cleaver? All the stats it offers are good on Shyvana (it's just a shame that W doesn't stack or benefit from the arpen).

Well, it feels good building it, but then it feels meh when it is finished. It's perfectly fine to go for if you find yourself in a full AD comp somehow and use it to amp up the damage output everyone deals. However, if you are a strong independent dragonborne, you'll want to go for other things. In my opinion, priority on The Black Cleaver item.png The Black Cleaver is dependant on how important that CDR is. If capping CDR is your lifelong ambition on her, then you can bumrush it all you want. There are quite some limitations on CDR for resourceless champions, such as herself, in that it's gained 10% at a time with each finished item so buying The Black Cleaver item.png The Black Cleaver for that reason is fair reasoning. However again, it feels pretty bland when finished. Especially when compared to something like Titanic Hydra item.png Titanic Hydra with its monstrous waveclear or Frozen Mallet item.png Frozen Mallet with its encumbering Slow icon slow. So all in all, it's a niche item for Shyvana Shyvana that works at its apex with a heavy AD composition.

Yeah, the main reasoning behind getting BC is the CDR. However, the movement speed also helps, and stacking the item isn't too bad (especially if Q applies two stacks). In theory, I think CDR on her is pretty good, even though her ult doesn't benefit. This is particularly true for her Q, which she can get down to a sub-3 second cooldown. That means roughly a Q every third or fourth attack. (Also, does Q's two attacks reduce its own cooldown? That would be insane.) CDR means that W is pretty much always on, and E can be continuously applied to an enemy. However, the question is whether or not it's good in practice. Shyvana's cooldowns aren't too long anyway, and I find that one rotation is more than enough to kill someone. I'll definitely do some experimenting.

If getting The Black Cleaver item.png The Black Cleaver with the notion of boosting Shyvana Shyvana's Twin Bite.png Twin Bite damage, might as well be going for Trinity Force item.png Trinity Force. What's lost in mana, AD, and health is gained in attack speed, movement speed, and synergistic usage with CDR. This example really highlights the problem with The Black Cleaver item.png The Black Cleaver on her in that it serves no purpose. The armor shredding capabilities is the main thematic of the item. Just using it as a stat stick is average and replaceable--which is what I mean by "meh." In a practical sense it feels okay/passable/average on most cases, but when you throw yourself in that niche where there is a full AD comp, since there is even a slight reason to use The Black Cleaver item.png The Black Cleaver, it becomes amazing. It's really good in terms of stats, although unless there is monstrous stat efficiency with an item, the effects of the item dictate whether or not it is actually a good item. So again, for it to be a good item, Shyvana Shyvana needs to be under that niche of a full AD comp.

there are better items for shyv but it can still be very very useful in the right situation. blacl cleaver has very high gold efficiency (over 100% without shred) and gives up to 60 move speed (when you kill something say minions with w and timat) as someone already said triforce would be better (most of the time) but you still have to consider that its very expensive pure damage item vs some ad some hp and offensive utility. shyvanna normally want blood razor or bortk (dont get both its something low elo idiots do) and titanic hydra into tank items. black cleaver will synergize with tiamat passive which helps your adc kill the enemy tanks fast which might win the fight right there. so its not all bad its just not the right choice everytime. shyvanna also gets 50% move speed from max rank w which ties in to black cleaver move speed passive. was this helpful? please let me know

At that point the survivability is a goal too. Titanic Hydra item.png stimulates building more HP. Sure, as for the rest of equipment, one wants to add four more defensive items (plus both The Black Cleaver item.png and hydra already grant fair amount of tankiness/sustain), not necessarily in such building order. The combo doesn't mean that it should be rushed.

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