Top 10 Stinkiest Cheeses in the World

One of the most interesting facts that you get when you get a little older is that smelly foods can be the best in your field. If a person tells you that stinky cheeses are absolutely bad, this person is not very smart. It so happened that the most delicious, expensive and best cheeses of the world have the worst smell in your entire life. But you just have to overcome yourself and try the best cheeses ever. There are many types of cheese lists on the Internet, and they all have different opinions about smelly cheeses. We decided to show you the most traditional and popular smelly cheeses in the world. In addition, many of them are really old, and the history of their recipes goes back to the past. However, most of the world's famous smelly cheeses are from France, so if you want to try real taste, you should visit this beautiful country.



According to Internet forums, Epoisses is the smelliest cheese of all. Its smell is so strong that the French government has banned all types of its transportation by public transport. But if you are not afraid of the smell, you will be rewarded with incredibly soft cheese, which is excellent to taste with red wine.



Munster cheese is another French cheese with a specific smell (it seems that the French like to torture themselves a little). As a lot of other similar types, Munster cheese was created by the monks in the Medieval who used to wash the cheese wheels with salted water and after keep them in cellars.


Stinking Bishop

Already from the name, you can understand that this is one of the stinkiest cheeses on our list. Natively produced in Gloucestershire, in the south-west of England, Stinking Bishop has such a wonderful smell because of the Stinking Bishop Pear juice. It is made from the milk of Gloucester cattle.



The most famous and delicious English smelly cheese (actually, there is a Blue Stilton which is also smelly but less popular White Stilton which is quite regular). It varies from really hard to very soft conditions but the older the cheese the softer and smellier it is.


Brie de Meaux

Our favorite among all stinky cheeses. It was originally made from raw cow milk and covered with a thick, white mold crust and very creamy inside. As of 2003, 6,774 tonnes (-13.4% since 1998) of Brie de Meaux were produced annually. The time of manufacture of Brie de Meaux is two months.



Limburger cheese smell made probably the most popular stinky cheese in the world. The most accurate explanation of its smell is to say Limburger smells like human feet (and that's correct because the bacteria that are used to ferment this cheese can also be found on human skin, and they are partially responsible for body odor smell).


Pont l'Eveque

Stinky in Spanish is apestoso, and this is how this cheese is called in Spain. If you ever buy this cheese, you have to wrap it, as if you wrapped a radioactive element and put in a place without any things. It is probably the oldest Norman cheese still in production



Roquefort is a runny cheese produced in France which is the most popular cheese all over the globe. Despite the fact that Roquefort is really dangerous because it is made of non-pasteurized milk and there is a risk of listeria infection, it is as delicious as dangerous and that's why some people go crazy about it.



Gourmets say it is impossible to explain to a person what is Camembert until he/she tries it. Camembert represents the traditions of cheese manufacture of North France. Originally, it is a runny cheese made from unpasteurized milk which is really soft and usually eaten with a spoon.



And we decided to start this top with the Italian stinky cheese called Taleggio. This semi-soft cheese has a pretty strong smell, but it does not stink very badly compared to other kinds of cheese on our list. In addition, it has a really interesting and unusual fruity taste. In recent years, Taleggio is becoming more popular outside of Italy.