Top 10 Ways to Lose Weight

Our body uses food for energy. Any extra energy gets stored as fat. If you eat more food than your body needs throughout the day, you will gain weight. But what should you do if you don't know if you are full? Here are some ideas:


Moon Diet

The most popular weight loss program today. Moon diet is a revolutionary method that detoxes your body and enhances weight loss if you follow the diet exactly. A great way to detox your body and improve your immunity is One-day fasting. The diet starts with juice fasting for 24 hours. You may consume only liquids and only coincid with the changes in the moon’s cycle. The diet should be started at the time when the moon enters one of its four phases and to continue one day and another half hour.In one month you could lose from 1 to 3 kg if during the remaining days you observe basic rules for healthy eating, avoid fried foods and fatty meat and eat more vegetables and water. You should stay away from the alcohol, but you can drink a glass of white wine in rare cases.


Set realistic goals

A couple pounds to lose every week is absolutely doable. Some of the Top weight loss programs suggest stopping after the first 10 pounds and maintaining that weight for about six months before trying to lose any more.



Walking at a moderate pace for 30-60 minutes will burn stored fat, build muscle and boost up your metabolism. Walking an hour a day will also cut your risk of breast cancer, heart disease, colon cancer, diabetes and stroke. It’s the perfect time to work 1-hour walks into your busy lifestyle!


Stop eating fruit late at night

Bananas are good for you, they keep your hunger down and provide a slow release of energy. But if you're planning to stop moving soon and are going to bed, the best idea is to avoid that extra energy you don’t need. Avoid starch that will take a long time to get broken down, bananas,apples etc.


Drink Water

It often happens that thirst gets mistaken for hunger, so if you feel like noshing, grab water first. Drinking water will also help to feel full. sipping water just before a meal is suggested by many experts. If you continue drinking as you eat, you will add volume and weight to your meal.


Start Aerobic Exercises

Any cardiovascular exercise, as a sustained, rhythmic activity that involves large muscle groups will make the lungs work harder as the body’s need for oxygen is increased.


Learn How to Measure

Portion sizes could be very easily misjudged. Start using measuring spoons and cups, especially for full-fat salad dressings, dairy foods and mayo.


Start with 10%

People who start by focusing on achieving smaller steps on their long-range weight-loss way may have the best chance of ultimate success. Losing those first pounds leads you to the biggest health gains too, since belly fat is mostly the first one to come off and also is the most dangerous one.


Set 10 Minutes Per Meal.

An average craving lasts only about 10 minutes, it was shown in studies. set your mental timer for a 10-minute time-out to avoid unnecessary caving into the urge. Use that time to mark an item off your to-do list; the best way is to choose one that will give you a sense of accomplishment — and get you out of the kitchen.


Go Easy on The Alcohol

Alcohol is a source of calories. A 12-ounce beer has 150 calories; a 3.5-ounce glass of wine, 85. A margarita brings pleasure but also a bigger caloric kick. Worse offenders are creamy cocktails, such as brandy alexanders and mudslides — all of them equal to drinking a rich dessert. The bottom line: Water is your best bet If you’re trying to lose weight.