Top Tips to Look Younger

Forget about the Botox, plastic surgery and beauticians. If you want to grow young again, stick to our top tips to look younger. They are natural, simple and inexpensive. They require some personal effort every day, but in return, they provide a lot of happiness, satisfaction and confidence.


Reduce stress

The secret of youthful looks is smile and happiness. The amount of happiness directly affects whether you will leave the impression as a younger or an older person. Scientists claim that happiness can mislead other people on the matters of looks and age. In addition, stress affects formation of wrinkles around the eyes and on the forehead, and it can cause various skin problems.


Reduce caffeine consumption

Too much caffeine causes poor sleep and dries out skin. It activates stress hormones, causes blockage of blood vessels and creates gray circles around the eyes. If you can not stop drinking coffee, you should at least minimize its intake to a maximum of 2 cups per day.


Eat Healthy

“You are what you eat“. If you want to look young you should eat high-quality food. Try to eat a lot of fruit and vegetables. Vitamin C is essential for skin elasticity and shine. Cereals and fish have beneficial effects on metabolism, as well as on the skin. Avoid too many oily and spicy foods. And, of course, make sure your food is organic.


Don’t smoke

Smoking not only changes the immune ability of the body and opens the door to many diseases, but it also greatly affects the visual appearance. Some studies show that smoking decreases elastin and collagen production by 40 percent, leading to premature appearance of wrinkles as early as the twenties. An expression “smoker’s face“ refers to the deep wrinkles around the lips and eyes, caused by the facial expressins made in the course of smoking.


Don’t drink alcohol

Apart from destroying the inside of the body, alcohol also affects the external looks. It influences draining of the skin by taking its nutrients. The skin becomes dry and red, especially in the areas of cheeks and nose where purple cracked blood vessels appear. This certainly does not contribute to better and more youthful appearance.



A quality night sleep is of crucial importance for the benefit of the entire body. When we are tired but we do not sleep, a hormon responsible for the creation of bags under the eyes - cortisol is released. While sleeping, the cells regenerate, and the skin cures itself. A good sleeping routine means regular sleeping for 7 to 8 hours each day.


Stay away from the sun for as long as possible

Bed effects of the sun are well–known. Any exposure to the sun without sunscreen dries the skin and makes it loose, and therefore susceptible to wrinkles and skin spots. Use a good sunscreen lotion and stay away from the sun, especially between 11 am and 5 pm.



Exercising is a necessary activity if you want to stay slim, young and healthy. It accelerates blood circulation, strengthens the muscles, beautifies skin and makes you happier. Take at least 20-30 minutes a day for your favorite type of exercise and conquer years.


Drink plenty of water

A proper amount of water intake is essential for pretty, hydrated skin, and for well-being of the entire body. Insufficient intake of water affects skin moisture, and wrinkle-creation. Recommended amount is minimum two litres a day. The best way to count the minimum intake of water for yourself is by multiplying your weight by 3, and deviding it by 100 ( for someone who weights 80 kg the minimum intake is 2.4 l)



Stop working for a moment. Take some time for yourselves. Relax and do not think about anything. Rest will help you renew your energy and improve your concentration and it will make you a satisfied person. When you are satisfied and refreshed you will, surely, look younger.