Top Weight Loss Foods

Weight loss is an increasingly common problem of the modern, obese society. Proper nutrition can help you lose weight rapidly. Top ten weight loss foods on this list are easy to find. They are not expensive. They are nourishing, healthful and natural. And most importantly, they stimulate burning of calories and suppress appetite.These weight-loss foods will improve your health, they will help you get rid of extra pounds, and they will make you more satisfied.



This extremely healthy, green, leafy vegetable should be frequently found on your menu. Only one cup of chopped raw kale contains 34 calories, approximately 1.3 g fiber, and a great amount of iron and calcium. If you are not a big kale-lover, you can always replace it with spinach.



All the berries are very healthy. However, the blue ones are the healthiest. Why? They are a great source of antioxidants which help preventing heart diseases, cancer, and premature aging. Blueberries lower blood sugar, stop the growth of bacteria and improve vision. One cup of this fruit contains 3.6 grams of fiber which can prevent the absorption of fats, as they stick to them and pull them through the digestive tract.



Salmon is extremely healthy because it is rich in ‘good fats’. It is delicious and very caloric. Omega-3 fatty acids improve insulin sensitivity - which helps you strengthen muscles and reduce fat in the abdomen. And, the more muscles you have, the more calories will your body burn. When you prepare it, either grill it, or bake it, but never fry it in oil because it itself is greasy enough.


Chili Peppers

Chilli peppers are another reason to spice up your meals. Their ingredient capsaicin causes heating of the body, which increases calorie loss (20 minutes after consuming chilli peppers) and stimulates oxidation of numerous fat layers. They increase circulation and sweating, clean sweat glands, help dissolve blood clots and facilitate the absorption of multiple nutritional deficiencies. Besides that, spicy foods can’t be eaten quickly, so when you eat peppers, the brain has enough time to register that the stomach is full, so it is impossible to overeat.



Yoghurt is one of the most popular diary products. Yogurt is rich in proteins, calcium, vitamin B2 and vitamin B12. It strengthens the immune system, body's resistance to the flu, fever and other contagious respiratory diseases. Consuming yogurt is recommended in general exhaustion, anemia, in the case of liver, kidney and heart diseases, and in gastric ulcer cases. Also, yogurt is used in medicine, to prevent diarrhea caused by antibiotics and to treat problems of the digestive system.



Researches have shown that only a half of this exotic fruit satisfies daily needs for vitamin C.This refreshing fruit is a good source of fibers and vitamin A.It creates a feeling of fullness, and has only 29 kcal. Grapefruit ,the red one in particular, helps lower cholesterol level. This delicious fruit has been used for years for weight-loss programs because it has negative calories, which means that body consumes more calories to digest it than its own calorie value is.



Sardines are rich in omega 3 fatty acids which bring many benefits to human body. They reduce blood sugar, they impact lowering of cholesterol and triglycerides, they are rich in calcium and vitamin D. This fish is also rich in proteins, which provide us with amino acids, and control appetite. Sardines decrease the amount of stress hormone-Cortisol, responsible for deposition of fat in the body.



An apple a day keeps extra pounds away. Apples are rich in fibers (4-5 g), and thus create a feeling of fullness. They are rich in antioxidants, and will improve your metabolism. If you eat one apple before a meal, you will eat fewer calories.



Although it was long considered that eggs, especially egg yolk isn’t healthy because it raises the level of cholesterol in the body, recent studies have shown the benefits of this food. Eggs are rich in proteins, which create a feeling of fullness. One medium-sized egg contains only 80 calories, which makes them an ideal ally in the fight against weight!Not only are they good for weight-loss, but they also help prevent cancer, and preserve good sight.



Although this is one of the healthiest cereals, oat is mostly used as animal food. Recently, oat flakes have become very popular for being highly nutritious because they contain all the natural ingredients of the grain. It is known for its high content of easily digestible protein, 95% of the total protein and over 20 essential amino acids, the structure of which is far more favorable compared to other cereals. It also contains 7% of cholesterol-free fat. Oat is rich in fibers that make you feel fuller for much longer than most foods. In, addition they lower the level of blood sugar and unclog blood vessels. Mix them with yoghurt, or boil them in milk for a couple of minutes. And, remember, do not sweeten them.